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MATZER Theatre Productions is a close­knit and dynamic theatre company and also the in‐house theatre group of the Verkadefabriek in 's‐Hertogenbosch, one of the Netherlands' most influential theatre complexes. MATZER presents distinctive, authentic and personal theatre in the Dutch as well as the English language. Various productions (see MATZER Festival Productions) were performed during Voorkamerfest, an international theatre festival in Darling, South Africa.

One of our current shows, Romeo and Juliet: the concert is currently touring the Netherlands. This English spoken production can also be performed internationally and can be booked by theaters, festivals and pop-venues.


MATZER strongly believes in the theatre's indispensable role as a meeting-point for awareness, reflection and actual contact: between actors, between characters and the audience, but also amongst the spectators.


It is MATZER's intention to create a theatrical experience that may be perceived as uncomfortable, as it confronts us with the limitations of our own views, whilst being beneficial and binding. The plays are transparent and layered, the theatre language is recognisable and accessible, familiar and innovative. The actors are of flesh and blood, and as a spectator, you can relate to them. The themes chosen by MATZER, place them right in the heart of social reality.


MATZER's theatrical representations distinguish themselves, amongst other things, by a combination of accessibility and layeredness. The essence of the theatre language used by MATZER lies in the apparent simplicity with which a story is told and acted out. It appeals to a wide audience, as they can 'enter' at any level. Through shifting perspectives, the psychological meaning of a scene can be presented, thus creating the building blocks for an accessible story.

MATZER's theatre is humble and elegant. Humorous and serious. Disquieting and conciliatory. However, it is never either one of them, because life is not like that. It is not about good or bad, true or false: the spectator himself may decide how to relate to the characters, who are made of flesh and blood and have to tackle universal questions.


For additional information and bookings:
Madeleine Matzer – artistic director

Judith van der Velden – managing director

+31 (0)73 6900908

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